Wedding Days



Wedding photography should be classic, emotional and honest.


Happiness and sadness, tears and laughter (sometimes at the same time),

thoughtfulness and excitement, love and anxiety.design_34847_spread_04_highSo many emotions felt and shared with the people you love and do life with.


This day is about you, your future husband and the joining of two families.


It is always an honor to be let into a life to capture such intimate moments like those that happen on your wedding day.


I get excited when thinking about, years from now, when you are sharing your memories of your wedding day with your children and even grandchildren, that they will get to not only hear about it but see it with their own eyes!design_34847_spread_07_highThe best way to do that is a beautiful, handmade album of museum quality.



So I am pleased to offer a package that includes…


A full day of photography on your wedding day,design_34847_spread_16_higha 20 page, 10″x10″ museum quality album,



hundreds of edited photographs,


and an engagement session.


Your total investment is only $2500!

design_34847_spread_23_highThere are plenty of good photographers out there. But you don’t need a good photographer to spend your entire wedding day with.

design_34847_spread_24_highYou need the right photographer for you.


If you love my work and think I may be the right guy to be there to capture

this most special day in your life, click here to reserve your date!


If you don’t love my work, that’s ok, find someone who’s work you do love!


If you don’t think this is worth it, that’s ok, go find the photographer you think is worth it




It is very important that we both feel I am the right guy to capture your wedding so let’s get a coffee and chat so that you and I can make that decision.

design_34847_spread_35_high     If you would like to talk to me about your wedding day click here.

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